It's a battle to get your kids to eat real food, it doesn't have to be

My very dear friend and colleague of FIND YOUR BALANCE HEALTH created this FREE amazing Facebook group to learn tips, ideas, and recipes to take care of you and your family. This free group is designed to help eliminate the nightly scramble and dinnertime battles so you can simply serve 1 meal the whole family likes. Michelle is super cool and down to earth. She is all about efficency and "keeping the peace" with little dinner time arguing. Join the group and you’ll save your sanity. And your time. (Did we mention your sanity?!) Most importantly, this group is for moms who are committed to taking care of themselves, in addition to taking care of their families. Please note, we lean towards healthy eating and kids 1-10 years old. Be friendly, helpful and kind. Off-topic posts will be deleted. Judgmental or nasty comments will get you banned. Moms have enough crap to deal with. Also, zero self promotion or promotions of any kind, please. On the other hand...cursing, truth-telling and not showering today is totally ok with us!

Join now.

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