Metamorphous in a Durga Baby class

It's so incredible to teach prenatal exercise. I am privledged to witness women transform from week to week. Sometimes she walks into class with feelings of anxiousness, discomfort, and possibly alone; the moment she places her hands on her baby and takes some deep breaths, she connects with her heart and her baby. Then, she instantly calms. She connects with herself and her baby. As her teacher, we begin that connection together.

Our class begins with small movements and deep breathing. She enters into a place to open up, stretch, and just feel her body move. Embracing the changes of her body and noticing the ease that is enveloping around her. Her body and spirit are feeling more nourished. As she continues to progress into pilates exercises activating core muscles the feeling of strength comes from within. Her fears start to release as she trusts in herself and believes her body is made for birth.

During our prenatal exercise class, she may have cried, laughed, or smiled in any moment. The safe environment allows emotions and feelings to release. She may have challenged her determination a little harder because life is within her. She leaves feeling relieved and rejuvinated.

#pilates #yoga #meditation #prenatalpilates #exercise #prenatalyoga #garuda

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