What is Durga Baby?

Durga Baby is a pre & post natal exercise program incorporating vetted methodologies of Yoga, Pilates, and Garuda to prepare you for birth and for the early stages of motherhood. Durga Baby is much more than modifications! We focus on your physical body to strengthen your core muscles and increase flexibility, provide an environment that is safe to explore deeper emotions about your birth and pregnancy, and is adaptive for all trimesters.

Durga is the hindu goddess meaning “the invincible”. dur= with difficulty, ga= come/go. She is an embodiment of creative feminine force. She exists in a state of independence from the universe and anything and anybody else with fierce compassion. Durga is depicted as having 18 arms, riding on a lion or tiger, carrying weapons, and a lotus flower, maintaining a meditative smile and practicing mudras (hand gestures). Durga manifests fearlessness and patience and never looses her sense of humor, even during difficult and epic challenging battles and distress.

Durga Baby harnesses a women’s strength, grace, and fearlessness with the utmost compassion allowing her to lock into her intuitive nature. Birthing herself when she births her child.

Hindu Goddess Durga

The goddess Durga is the perfect representation of our program. Just as a mother is fierce, protective, graceful, beautiful, keeps her sense of humor, and is strong in her intuitive nature, Durga Baby embodies all of these characteristics.

Physically we are practicing and performing exercises or poses to help the baby properly align for easier delivery. We are strengthening the pelvic floor and transverse abdomens, including the core, to teach you when and how to use your muscles and when to relax your muscles. It has been shown that woman who exercises regularly and activates the core muscle groups has a faster and easier natural labor than those who do not. We also incorporate the use of Pilates Reformer/Tower, resistance bands, Therabands, Pilates Rings, and light weights to work all extremities to prepare you for early motherhood.

Emotionally Durga Baby allows you time during the session to continuously assess how you feel in the moment. To remember to tap into your instincts and trust in your relationships. Durga Baby is taught compassionately; honoring your body and without judgement or criticism. The environment is safe and uninhibited, thus allowing you to completely release your fears, anxieties, or worries. A relaxed mom is a relaxed baby!

Connecting to your Spirit and belief in the Self is important. As the Self connects the mind and body thru a women’s soul. Connecting to the spirit within encourages and empowers you to trust your instincts and believe your body is meant to deliver and care for your baby.

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