Prenatal Exercise is MUCH MORE than Modifications

We dive into the process in which the body, mind, and spirit are united in a moment-to-moment experience of wholeness during pregnancy and in preparation for birth and motherhood.

Exercise will help to reduce physical discomfort, stabilize joints, open the muscles attached to the pelvis, increase circulation, and reduce fatigue.

We divulge into the 5 koshas (koshas are layers in the body- like an onion) because a woman’s energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being are intimate with your baby’s.

Durga Baby incorporates physical practice, breathing, mantra, visualizations, relaxation, and meditation through yoga and pilates. The practice gives you the confidence that birth is natural and normal and your body is designed to give birth.

When you trust your maternal instincts you are better to meet your baby’s needs and more connected and present with your baby. You will be able to relax and enjoy motherhood. A relaxed mom is a relaxed baby.

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