“Each class was a delightful time to connect with my baby, focus on connecting with my inner feelings, and properly prepare my mind and body for labor, delivery and ultimately motherhood. Cindy pushed us each session to strengthen our core and ourselves.  Cindy conveys a wonderful positive energy that made me feel more confident in my body and myself as the months passed.”  ~Sarah S.

A Durga Baby class challenges your body and mind through executed movements specific to your needs during your pregnancy and postpartum. Class opens with a comfortable balance of quietness and subtle movements with a focus, or intention. Then flows into a deep stretch and opening of the body through Yoga asanas and breathing practices or a slow Barre warm up.

"I have to say I am so grateful for your help through my pregnancy.  I was able to push her out in 20 minutes and all of the doctors kept commenting on how quickly I was able to get her out. I'm convinced it's from all the work we did together." ~Lauren R.

Durga Baby starts to invigorate your body and mind as precise Pilates exercises are incorporated via props or apparatus. We may also include a short cardio flow using the Barre. Finally, after working your total body and deep core muscles, class closes with juicy relaxation and meditation. Afterwards you feel rejuvinated, refreshed, and reconnected with your total Self.

"I feel incredibly lucky to be the Durga Baby class.  It’s been just wonderful getting to know and learn from you." ~Preetha 

Personal Training classes are located exclusively at Sentirsi Pilates Studio.


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