What is

Durga Baby?

Durga Baby is a pre & postnatal exercise program incorporating vetted methodologies of Yoga, Pilates, and Garuda to prepare you for birth and for the early stages of motherhood.  Durga Baby is much more than modifications! We focus on your physical body to strengthen your core muscles and increase flexibility, provide an environment that is safe to explore deeper emotions about your birth and pregnancy, and is adaptive for all trimesters.


Durga Baby harnesses a women’s strength, grace, and fearlessness with the utmost compassion allowing her to lock into her intuitive nature.  



Pilates helps strengthen and challenge the body through various total body precise movements with a focus on abdominals, back, and pelvic floor muscles. 


Yoga encourages the body to open up, stretch, and release tension. Yoga provides a platform for you to focus the mind through the breath concentration and meditation.


Garuda provides the fluidity of movement with a concentration on muscular engagement with the freedom of movement. 


The balance of music and silence allows you to connect spiritually with yourself and your baby.  Movements are  executed specifically to prepare you for labor and early motherhood.  The entire class focuses on your needs to uncover your confidence and strength.



A safe environment cultivates an atmosphere without judgement or criticism allowing you to release fear, anxiety, and tension resulting in feeling rejuvenated and empowered.  We foster a community that accepts how you feel in the moment.


We focus on trusting your instincts and listening to what you already know is best for you and your baby. Each class is a time to connect with your baby, focus on connecting to your inner feelings, and properly prepare your mind and body for labor, delivery, and ultimately motherhood.