Welcome to the Durga Baby tribe.

Welcome to Durga Baby, the premier Pre & Postnatal Pilates & Yoga exercise community.  Each class is designed and expertly choreographed for every stage of pregnancy and as a new mom. Each exercise is safely executed to encourage your baby to be in the best position for an easy, safe labor/ delivery and recovery.   


The classes are enjoyable, comforting, and a great workout. The community is non-competitive nor judgemental. You are welcome to come as you are so you can be fully present with your baby.

Cindy V.

Durga is the principle form of the mother goddess or divine mother based in Hindu traditions.  She is the root cause of creation, preservation and annihilation. She is depicted riding on a tiger with a multitude of weapons including a bow and arrow, trident, spear, shield, and a pink lotus flower. When we invoke the spirit of Durga we become powerful and strong by her grace.  Durga is the ultimate protector of creation. 

And start thriving today

Durga Baby was conceived in 2009 after completing my Yoga and Pilates Certifications in NYC. Several of my clients became pregnant at my studio (Pilates & Company in NJ) around the same time and wanted to continue their practice, but could no longer participate in regular classes.  I wanted to provide my clients not only modifications, but a whole integrated practice to prepare them for labor and early motherhood.  Each Durga Baby exercise sequence, visualization, and relaxation technique is designed and thoughtfully applied for all stages of pregnancy.  


Yoga Alliance Certified, 2008   /    Yogaworks Prenatal Certification, 2009   /    Restorative Yoga, 2010 & 2016   /   Pilates Certification, 2009   /   Garuda Certification, 2014  /  Master Garuda Instructor

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